CEMA’s new logo & website

CEMA’s Communication Committee has been hard at work getting our graphic (logo and website) identity updated to better reflect CEMA’s role as steward of the interests of our members — working with innovation, inclusion and pride.

You’ll find the new website easy to navigate and to find the information you need about your professional association. The rebranding of CEMA will be officially launched at the Annual General Meeting on March 26, 2015!

The Logo:
The triangular shape was chosen to communicate the strength and stability of CEMA’s membership and its association with the civic leadership symbol of City Hall.

The three softer inner curves that make up the triangle create a sense of motion while the interconnection of these curves illustrates the diversity of membership and innovative ideas coming together to create effective services.

The negative space, created by the inner curves, forms a dynamic freeform triangular shape and infers movement that extends outwards beyond the defined space of the triangle.

The colours were drawn from the City’s coat of arms and civic corporate colour pallet.  The specific tones were chosen to be vibrant and forward looking. The three colours represent both how CEMA serves its members and who makes up CEMA.  They represent key principles of professionalism, integrity and embracing diversity of members’ professions.

The logo is currently being incorporated on all CEMA materials, including our new website, which you are currently viewing!

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