Board members


President Brenda Waluk 780-496-2628
Vice-President Beatrice McMillan 780-496-6177
Secretary-Treasurer Darrell Jacobi 780-496-2835
Directors Satya Gadidasu 780-496-2407
  Steve Goodwin 780-423-5697
  Jason Halayko 780-913-6292
  Derek Hanson 780-496-5938
  Gail Hickmore 780-496-3143
  Bradley Hoekstra 780-496-7014
Executive Director Dave Loken 780-616-9232
Executive Coordinator Chrisy Burton 780-496-8300


Brenda Waluk

Brenda Waluk President

Brenda joined the CEMA Board in 2001  and is currently in the role of President as of April 2016. Brenda has always been a very dedicated and loyal ambassador for the City of Edmonton and the employees.  She doesn’t let obstacles get in her way and perseveres with energy and dedication.  Her passion is sincere and she is a strong advocate for a
respectful, inclusive and caring work environment, and wants nothing short of the most dedicated and talented public servants in Canada.

Brenda currently is a Project Manager with the Citizen Services Department. She has been with the City of Edmonton for over 30 years. Brenda is very involved with the Stollery Children’s Hospital, currently, Chairs the Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund, and is Director on the River City Credit Union Board.  Brenda believes in making a difference every day!

Brenda enjoys LIFE ! by spending time with her grandchildren, seeking adventure, traveling, painting and golfing.

Beatrice McMillan

Beatrice McMillan Vice President

Beatrice joined the CEMA Board in 2013 and is currently in the role of Vice President and Chairs the Communications Committee. She joined CEMA to assist with sharing information and ideas openly across departments and raising the profile o CEMA services available to its members. Treating all staff equitably across the administration is one of her major focuses.

Beatrice is a Senior Planner with City Planning in the Sustainable Development Department. She has worked in housing and community planning with the City of Edmonton for 20+ years.  Her experience in the public sector also includes planning for accommodating students across Edmonton at Edmonton Public Schools.

Beatrice enjoys golf, folk music events, traveling, camping, cards, some board games and volunteering to address housing needs in Edmonton.

Satya Gadidasu

Satya Gadidasu Director

Satya joined the CEMA Board in March 2014 and is currently in the Director role.

Satya joined the board because he was passionate about the mission and values that CEMA held and wanted to share his skill set and talents to help accomplish them.    He wants to help increase member awareness regarding what CEMA’s roles and responsibilities are and how they can improve protecting the member’s interests.

He is a Senior Engineer, in Transportation Infrastructure. He has been with the City of Edmonton for 8 years.

Satya enjoys volunteering and playing badminton.

Steve Goodwin

Steve Goodwin Director

Steve joined the CEMA board in 2018 after joining the City of Edmonton in 2016 as the Chief Plumbing and Gas Inspector.  He enjoys the unity city employees share after long career in the private construction industry as a master electrician and a red seal plumber with his own contracting company.  As someone coming from an industry where compensation often attracts excellent talent his interests are focused on wages and compensation for CEMA members across the corporation and hopefully his voice can represent the wishes of many of his colleagues.  

Steve enjoys motorcycles, classic cars, guitars and sitting around a campfire singing to his grandchildren.

Jason Halayko

Jason Halayko Director

Jason joined the CEMA Board in December 2015 and is currently in the Director role.  When first hired by the City, he joined CEMA simply for the social aspect of the association. Since then he has learned that there are many aspects of our organization and city that can and do benefit our members. He wants to help make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn and experience as much of these as possible – to help our members grow professionally and build social bonds that last a lifetime.

Jason is the Fleet Manager for the Edmonton Police Service. He manages the acquisition/disposal, operations and maintenance for over 800 vehicles and pieces of equipment. He is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the automotive sector. He has been with the City of Edmonton for 11 years.

Jason enjoys spending time with his family, reading, cycling, camping and sometimes trying to catch fish.

Derek Hanson Director

Derek has been employed with the City of Edmonton for over 7 years. He started as a Disability Management Consultant and transitioned to Labour Relations in October 2013 where he supported various clients such as Fire Rescue, Urban Form and City Operations. In September 2018 Derek moved into his current role of Superintendent, Transit Fleet Maintenance.

Derek joined the CEMA Board to utilize his experience and knowledge gained at the City and move the dial ahead for CEMA members. He sees the difference that the current leadership is making and hopes to provide insight and assistance in promoting positive change in the working relationships for CEMA members.

Gail Hickmore Director

Gail has been employed with the City of Edmonton for over 32 years. She started as a Planning Technician and quickly moved into a Development Officer Role. She was  also a Shop Steward for Civic Service Union 52.  In August 2010, she became a CEMA Member. Gail is the the General Supervisor for the Development Approvals area.

Gail joined the CEMA Board to make a difference for the CEMA members. She wants to be part of a team that ensures their best interests are heard and then acted upon.

Dave Loken

Dave Loken Executive Director

Dave has 23 years experience in public service and government relations which includes 10 years in labour relations work specializing in alternate dispute resolution and 7 years as a city councillor governing and managing a corporation of 14,000 plus employees governing and managing an annual budget of 2.5 billion dollars. Dave is a skilled negotiator, facilitator, and mediator. He uses an interest based and collaborative model of negotiation and conflict management. He is trained in conflict analysis and systems theory. Dave specializes in analyzing conflict in large and small organizations and has a designation in geo-political conflict analysis. Dave has experience in strategic planning and innovation that can foster the political and business goals of any organization. Dave also enjoys, playing hockey, tennis and riding his bike. He is also an aspiring drummer in his own band and dreams of opening a local live music venue in the future.

Chrisy Burton

Chrisy Burton Executive Coordinator

Chrisy joined the City of Edmonton in 1990 and is currently working for the Office of the City Auditor as a Strategic Coordinator. She has been the CEMA Executive Coordinator since September 2010 and Department Rep for the Office of the City Auditor since August 2005.


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