Board members


Cell Phone
President Brenda Waluk 293-5439
Vice-President Cameron Grayson  717-9500
Secretary-Treasurer Lisa Pichette  619-6460
 Beatrice McMillan  405-6690
Jason Halayko 913-6292
Satya Gadidasu 904-9076
Mohamed Abdel-salam 499-4897
Aleksandar Pecuh 903-4296
Rick Craig (587)988-0459

Recent Movement on the Board:

  • September 2017 – Cameron Grayson, becomes acting Vice-President, and Lisa Pichette, acting Secretary-Treasurer until 2018 AGM and election
  • May 2017 – Vice President, Jilian Campbell and Secretary-Treasurer, Roger Lockwood step down
  • April 2017 – Mohamed Abdel-salam voted in as Director for a two year term
  • March 2017 – Linda Kadatz stepped down and Koosha Golmohammadi left the City of Edmonton
  • October 2016 – 4 new Directors are welcomed: Lisa Pichette, Cameron Grayson, Rick Craig and Koosha Golmohammadi
  • October 2016- Stuart Jamieson stepped down
  • September 2016- Satya Gadidasu steps down from position of Secretary Treasurer and moves to a Director position. Replaced by Roger Lockwood previously a Director.
  • April 2016- Stuart Jamieson voted in as Director for a 3 year term
  • April 2016 – CEMA Director Nicole Harcus stepped down.
  • February 2016, CEMA Director Andy Simpson stepped down.
  • November 2015, Satya Gadidasu became CEMA’s Secretary-Treasurer.
  • August 2015, CEMA Secretary-Treasurer Brian McCulloch stepped down.
  • June 2015, Jilian Campbell become acting Vice-President until the 2016 AGM and election.
  • May 2015, CEMA President James McDonald stepped down. Brenda Waluk is acting President until the 2016 AGM and election.
  • March 2015, the CEMA board said goodbye to Tim Cleveley (President) who retired and Dan Alexander.

CEMA thanks all for their contribution! They are missed.

Brenda Waluk

Brenda Waluk President

Brenda joined the CEMA Board in 2001  and is currently in the role of President as of April 2016. Brenda has always been a very dedicated and loyal ambassador for the City of Edmonton and the employees.  She doesn’t let obstacles get in her way and perseveres with energy and dedication.  Her passion is sincere and she is a strong advocate for a
respectful, inclusive and caring work environment, and wants nothing short of the most dedicated and talented public servants in Canada.

Brenda currently is a Project Manager with the Citizen Services Department. She has been with the City of Edmonton for over 30 years. Brenda is very involved with the Stollery Children’s Hospital, currently, Chairs the Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund, and is Director on the River City Credit Union Board.  Brenda believes in making a difference every day!

Brenda enjoys LIFE ! by spending time with her grandchildren, seeking adventure, traveling, painting and golfing.

Cameron Grayson

Cameron Grayson Acting Vice-President

Cameron joined the CEMA Board in September 2016 and is currently in the role of Director and Chairs the People Committee. Cameron joined the CEMA Board to be able to make a positive difference within City of Edmonton’s management community – to improve and strengthen employee relationships across the City and between management and union staff and to continue to make the City of Edmonton an employer of choice.

Cameron is the Director, Strategic Initiatives with the Deputy City Manager’s Office in City Operations. She has been with the City of Edmonton for 4 years. She currently volunteers at the Edmonton Food Bank and Chairs the Women@theCity, Mentoring and Networking Committee.

Cameron enjoys live Jazz and Blues music.

Lisa Pichette

Lisa Pichette Acting Secretary-Treasurer

Lisa joined the CEMA Board in September 2016 and is currently in the role of Director. When asked why she joined the CEMA Board Lisa responded  “As I grow in my profession and my position, I feel compelled to “give back” and to support other professionals and co-workers.  This is the driving force behind my interest in joining CEMA as a board member.   As the City grows and our workforce grows, there is a need for consistent, approachable, predictable, and reliable resources and support.  We are a very large organization and it is difficult to develop one-on-one relationships.  Because of this it is critical that resources are available as required by employees.  Employees take comfort in knowing they are being treated equitably and not just because “you know someone”.    I would like to work with CEMA to develop consistent, predictable, readily available resources to serve the members.”

Lisa is the Manager, Corporate Accounts Payable- Treasury Management. She has been with the City of Edmonton for 2.5 years. Lisa has been a CGA for 20 years.

Lisa enjoys curling and activities with her kids.

Satya Gadidasu

Satya Gadidasu Director

Satya joined the CEMA Board in March 2014 and is currently in the Director role.

Satya joined the board because he was passionate about the mission and values that CEMA held and wanted to share his skill set and talents to help accomplish them.    He wants to help increase member awareness regarding what CEMA’s roles and responsibilities are and how they can improve protecting the member’s interests.

He is a Senior Engineer, in Transportation Infrastructure. He has been with the City of Edmonton for 8 years.

Satya enjoys volunteering and playing badminton.


Robert Kuziw

Robert Kuziw Director

Rob joined the CEMA Board in March 2013 and is currently in the role of Director.

Rob is currently a General Supervisor for Fleet and Facility Services in the newly formed City Operations Department. He has been with the City of Edmonton for 32 years.  Robert previously participated in Collective bargaining process with CUPE Local 30 and successfully negotiated four Collective Agreements and was also involved in benefit negotiations with the association.  He is also currently on the Board of Directors for the River City Credit Union.

Rick Craig

Rick Craig Director

Rick joined the CEMA Board in September 2016 in the role of Director and is a member of the Benefits Committee.   When Rick was asked why he wanted to serve on the CEMA Board he responded “as a CEMA member for a number of years I have benefited from the contributions of the members before me who stepped up to the plate and volunteered.  It’s my turn to join the Board and contribute to further increasing the value of the services received by our members.”

Rick is an OH&S Consultant with the Integrated Infrastructure Services Department where he supports the vision of a healthy, safe and productive work environment.  He has worked for the City of Edmonton for 8 years.

When Rick is not working at his regular job you can likely find him at his hobby farm.  This city slicker turned country boy stays real busy with the farm adventure and spending time with his family and grandchildren.

Beatrice McMillan

Beatrice McMillan Director

Beatrice joined the CEMA Board in 2013 and is currently in the role of Director and Chairs the Communications Committee. She joined CEMA to assist with sharing information and ideas openly across departments and raising the profile o CEMA services available to its members. Treating all staff equitably across the administration is one of her major focuses.

Beatrice is a Senior Planner with City Planning in the Sustainable Development Department. She has worked in housing and community planning with the City of Edmonton for 20+ years.  Her experience in the public sector also includes planning for accommodating students across Edmonton at Edmonton Public Schools.

Beatrice enjoys golf, folk music events, traveling, camping, cards, some board games and volunteering to address housing needs in Edmonton.

Aleksandar Pecuh

Aleksandar Pecuh Director

Alek joined the CEMA Board in April 2015 and is currently in the role of Director and Chairs the Events Committee. Alek joined the CEMA Board to learn more about, share knowledge and contribute to the management structure of the City of Edmonton.

Alek is a Senior Electrical Engineer with Integrated Infrastructure Services – LRT Delivery Branch. He has been with the City of Edmonton for 11 years. Alek is also the Corporate Culture Ambassador for the City and previously served as Vice Chair for the Edmonton Branch of APEGA and former Vice President of the Canada Ukraine Development Association.

Alek enjoys traveling, learning other languages, playing tennis, golf and cross country skiing.

Jason Halayko

Jason Halayko Director

Jason joined the CEMA Board in December 2015 and is currently in the Director role.  When first hired by the City, he joined CEMA simply for the social aspect of the association. Since then he has learned that there are many aspects of our organization and city that can and do benefit our members. He wants to help make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn and experience as much of these as possible – to help our members grow professionally and build social bonds that last a lifetime.

Jason is the Fleet Manager for the Edmonton Police Service. He manages the acquisition/disposal, operations and maintenance for over 800 vehicles and pieces of equipment. He is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the automotive sector. He has been with the City of Edmonton for 11 years.

Jason enjoys spending time with his family, reading, cycling, camping and sometimes trying to catch fish.


Mohamed Abdel-salam

Mohamed Abdel-salam Director

Mohamed joined the board in April 2017. He joined the City of Edmonton in 2012. Mohamed is currently the Supervisor of Geomatics Engineering, Quality Management. When Mohamed was asked why he wanted to serve on the CEMA Board he responded “ I want to advocate for member rights, benefits and working conditions. I also want to advocate for more involvement of members regarding major decisions made by senior management. I would like to see CEMA as an active policy maker through building an influential relationship between CEMA and the senior management team.  I would like to enhance member awareness regarding their rights and reach out to members to listen to their concerns and suggestions”.

Mohamed is an immigrant who came to Canada in 2001. He is a dad and a husband. He obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Calgary in 2005. He is a Professional Engineer, Canada Land surveyor, and Alberta Land Surveyor.

Mohamed worked in the private sector as an engineer and as a development manager and is a member of several regional and national committees.

Mohamed’s hobbies include reading, travel, and camping.

Chrisy Burton

Chrisy Burton Executive Secretary

Chrisy joined the City of Edmonton in 1990 and is currently working for the Office of the City Auditor as a Strategic Coordinator. She has been the CEMA Executive Secretary since September 2010 and Department Rep for the Office of the City Auditor since August 2005.



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