Call for Committee Volunteers

Are you keen to think out of the box and contribute fresh, new ideas? 

The CEMA Board of Directors is calling for CEMA member volunteers to participate on various committees. This is an opportune time to bring in new energetic participants, as committee structures have just been established. If you are interested in volunteering your time, you should expect at least 1 meeting every second month for committee meetings, usually held during the lunch hour, and more frequent meetings as the need arises throughout the year based on each committee’s focus. 

This is a great experience if you would like to learn more about and/or are passionate about civic matters of concern to management and perhaps even see yourself in the future, joining the CEMA Board of Directors which acts as a voice for its members. Your participation is important, without our volunteers we will not be able to commit any support to these initiatives. 

Current committee openings include:

Events: Responsible for organizing events including CEMA’s Annual General Meeting, Annual Golf Tournament, volunteer activities for members, luncheon planning and speaker series;
Benefits: Responsible for information collection/sharing/analysis including equitable benefit analysis and coverage, LTD Advisory, LAPP representation and checklist, Management Admin Guidelines, ECECAF;
Education/Recognition: Responsible for acknowledging member achievements, sharing success stories, and identifying lunch and learn opportunities including professional development;
People: Responsible for recruitment and orientation of CEMA members, networking with members, management culture and succession planning, CEMA Alumni;
Communications: Responsible for Communication Planning including CEMA’s 3 Year Communication Strategy, branding, display material, key messaging, CEMA’s website, and member surveys. CEMA Communications Strategy 2014-16

Each of these committees has been established with two CEMA Directors. One of the first tasks for each committee is to further clarify activities and desired outcomes moving forward. CEMA Governance Chart – March 2016 (1)  You will note that it also shows executive and financial responsibilities that extend beyond committee mandates. 

Please respond to Wendy Lauber, CEMA Executive Coordinator with your expression of interest including a few points regarding your experience at the City and why you are interested. The committee chair will get in touch with you to follow up about your interest. 


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