2016 LAPP Contributions

The LAPP Board recently (July 2015) gave unanimous approval to its 2014 valuation, deciding not to raise contribution rates for members and employers in 2016. Currently there is also no increase planned for 2017, based on expectations of how economic and demographic factors will impact the Plan over the next two years. Rates are as follows:

LAPP Contribution Rates 2015 2016 2017
Members’ Rate up to YMPE* 10.39% 10.39% 10.39%
Members’ Rate over YMPE 14.84% 14.84% 14.84%
Employers’ Rate up to YMPE 11.39% 11.39% 11.39%
Employers’ Rate over YMPE 15.84% 15.84% 15.84%

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